Vida Sana Studio

The Studio offers a Neuro-Movement Class taught by Angelique Velazquez.  Her philosophy is “Exercise is medicine”. One of the leading ways to fight symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease is movement. Purposeful movement every day.  The Neuro Movement Classes focus on gait, balance and stability, boxing, gamification exercises, functional movement, big movement therapy and Pilates.

Neuro Movement Classes:  

This class is designed for those with Parkinson’s disease or anyone looking to improve balance, coordination, memory, and cognition.  

Exercise at higher intensity has been clinically shown to help to increase dopamine, an important chemical in our brain that is significantly decreased in Parkinson’s Disease and as we age.  This class is thoughtfully designed using neuroplasticity, brain games, Pilates, body weight exercises, functional movements, and boxing.          

Contact Information:

Angelique Velazquez
Phone: 808-268-6796